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Gauztex® - The Industry Standard

Since the 1930's, Gauztex Self-Adhering Tape has been the industry standard…in which industry you ask? Well, that’s a question with more answers than we can even count.


Athletes use it to support their ankles, wrists, fingers and toes. Chefs use it in the kitchen to protect their best assets – their hands – from small cuts and burns. Doctors and nurses use it to hold IV’s and secure dressings. Gardeners and green-thumbs use it to care for vines, branches, stems and trunks. Workers on assembly and production lines have found a variety of uses for it. Equestrians and Veterinarians use it to care for their four legged friends’ tails, hooves and paws. Even Dwight D. Eisenhower used it for extra grip when perfecting his presidential golf swing.


No matter how you use it or what you use it for, Gauztex Self-Adhering Tape sticks to itself not to your skin… hair, fur, branches, golf clubs or equipment. It’s the industry standard.

Gauztex® Ballet Tape

Gauztex Ballet Tape helps keep you on your toes by providing flexible blister protection to sensitive areas. Apply the tape directly to unblistered toes or apply on top of bandages for extra protection on open blisters. Self-grip Gauztex Ballet Tape won't stick to hair, skin or fabric and never leaves behind a sticky residue.


White, Green, Beige, Blue, Pink


Cotton Gauze

Natural Latex




3/4 in. x 7.5 yds


1,3,10 packages

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