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Cohesive Athletic Tape

General Bandages cohesive athletic tape tape is a proprietary blend of thermoplastic polyurethane. Cohesive tape only sticks to itself - not to the skin or hair. Cohesive athletic tape is used for a variety of purposes, including as a prewrap, but often times it is used to provide support for a joint or to keep padding in place due to its higher tensile strength.  Because it has no adhesive mass, cohesive tape performs very well in wet conditions. 

Wero Swiss® Co-Tape

Cohesive, bi-elastic, tearable tape. Multi-purpose use, excellent for sport activities.


White, Red, Royal Blue, Black


100% TPU


Approx. 350%


1-8 cm



Elastic in length and width, tearable, allows for good maneuverability, non-woven, ideal for fixation and stabilization.

Clinical Applications:

Offers a range of support levels for weak or injured joints 

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