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Guard-Tex® - The Original Self-Adhering Safety Tape

Great products stand the test of time, that’s why for the past eight decades General Bandages has stuck around­ pioneering self-adhesive products that stick to themselves and not to your skin. 

Developed by General Bandages in the mid-1930's, Guard-Tex is the original self-adhering safety tape...protects fingers and hands without sacrificing dexterity or flexibility. This high quality cotton gauze has a micro-fine cohesive coating. Easy to apply and painless to remove, no extra tape is required and no adhesive residue is left on skin. Tape stays cool and dry to fit snugly, even in hot and wet conditions. Tape roll is 30 yards in length.

Guard-Tex® - Self-Adhering Safety Tape

GUARD-TEX tapes and wraps are easy to apply and allows skin to breathe without sticking to skin or hair.

✔ Sticks only to itself – not to skin, hair or clothing (even when wet)

✔ Easy to apply – no added tape or pins are necessary

✔ Easy to remove – it won't pull hair or skin

✔ Doesn't leave a gummy residue

✔ Use it for wrapping dry or wet dressings over wounds

✔ Use as a support wrap for sprains and strains

✔ It won't restrict circulation like elastic bandages

✔ Can be sterilized in an autoclave without damage



White - 41008

Beige - 41108

Green -41308

Blue - 41408



Cotton Gauze

Natural Latex




1/2 in. to 3 in x 30 yds


Package of 4,6,8,12,16, or 24 rolls per package

Self-bonding, water resistant, comfortable and wear-resistant, painless to remove. Maintains sense of touch for improved handling of small parts. Perfect for wiring, cabling, and manually inserting electrical or electronic components.

Uses and Applications:

Jewelry Assembly , Money Handling, Mail Handling , Meat Packing, Manufacturing, Bowling, Automotive Finishing, Haircutting, just to name a few.

Any retail or industrial application where people use their hands to work with small parts to prevent cuts and scrapes.

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