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Getting Deep Into Golf Grips

Today, we’re talking about grip size, what it can do for (and to) your game, and how you can fit yourself for grip size!

First, most sizes increase and decrease in 1/32″ increments. If you start at “standard”, the next size up would be +1/32″. Two sizes up would be +1/16″.

But what’s “standard”?

Let’s backtrack a bit. When you buy a golf shaft, it has a butt diameter, or, the length of the circumference of the butt end (where the grip goes).

There are three common sizes:

  • .580″

  • .600″

  • .620″

Yes, there are definitely more. A typical “ladies” shaft is .560″. Aldila, for example, has shafts that go up to .640″! However, .580″ and .600″ are the two most common, with .620″ not far behind.