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Getting Deep Into Golf Grips

Today, we’re talking about grip size, what it can do for (and to) your game, and how you can fit yourself for grip size!

First, most sizes increase and decrease in 1/32″ increments. If you start at “standard”, the next size up would be +1/32″. Two sizes up would be +1/16″.

But what’s “standard”?

Let’s backtrack a bit. When you buy a golf shaft, it has a butt diameter, or, the length of the circumference of the butt end (where the grip goes).

There are three common sizes:

  • .580″

  • .600″

  • .620″

Yes, there are definitely more. A typical “ladies” shaft is .560″. Aldila, for example, has shafts that go up to .640″! However, .580″ and .600″ are the two most common, with .620″ not far behind.

Grips have an inside diameter size. Most are 58 or 60, with a rare 62 or 56 (“ladies” size). Yes, it literally means the same thing as the shaft diameter numbers.

Why grips are two-digit numbers and shafts are three-digit numbers, I have no friggin’ clue. I’ve tried to figure it out in the past, but all I’ve been able to deduce is it’s a “it’s always been that way” kinda thing, so I gave up trying to figure it out.

Anyway, when you put a 60 grip on a .600″ shaft, or a 58 grip on a .580″ shaft, you get a “standard” size of .900″. Going up 1/32″ makes the measurement .915″, the +1/16″ becomes .930″, etc.

By now, you know that not only do you have different choices of types of grips, you can change the size of them, as well!

But what does changing the grip size do?

In the older days, it was thought that a grip that was too small would lead to an excessive amount of hooks or draws. If the grip was too large, it’d lead to too many fades and slices.

That’s not exactly true. Miss-hits of all kinds are abound, regardless of whether the grip’s too small or too big.

There’s a good Rule of Thumb to let you know if a grip’s the right size:

When you grip the club, there should be about 1/8″ of space between your longest finger (typically, the middle finger) and the heel pad under your thumb of your gloved hand.

How do you fit yourself for grip size?

The good news is, most grips come off-the-shelf at standard. All you need is some

What’s Gauztex? You ever get your ankle or wrist taped? That layer of soft wrap that goes on before the tape, that’s the stuff I’m talking about.

A layer of Gauztex is equal to 1/32″ of extra grip build up. All you need to do is play around with it at the range. Wrap a layer on, hit some balls, and repeat until you find a grip size that works for you.

But what if “standard” is too big?

That one’s a little trickier, as you’ll have to grip down closer to the shaft. It also means you’re shortening the club, which can also affect your impact conditions. But there’s a catch: you don’t actually have to hit balls. Getting the right grip size is all about what’s comfortable to you. Sure, you can hit balls all you want, but you don’t have to.

Did you know that you have options within options? Oh, yeah. All these sizes are determined by a spot 2″ from the grip cap. If you and your fitter determine that +1/16″ is good for you, that’s what the entire length of the grip will be. But you can have your upper (ungloved) hand section of the grip altered even further!

Golf Pride has come out with their MCC +4 grips. They’re grips that have extra rubber in the upper (rubber) section, to the equivalent of four extra wraps. Did you know any grip can be modified that way? All it is, is extra build-up tape; four extra layers in the area of the upper hand. Nothing any club fitter can’t accomplish.

Now, there’s no empirical evidence to say “yes, definitely get this done” or “stay as far away from this as possible!”. Grips are fairly inexpensive. That means you can experiment more, find something you really like. I also said they’re the only connection you have to the golf club. Stop treating them like proverbial redheaded stepchildren and make sure they’re a true part of your golf clubs!

This article was originally posted on The Underdog Sports Network by Justin Blair. Find the original article here:

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