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Guard-Tex & Gauztex: The Tape That Does It All

We like to think of our products as “The Industry Standard,” rightfully so, as our all-purpose, self-adhesive tape seems to be useful in every industry. We’ve put together a list of just some of the lesser-known ways we’ve seen Gauztex and Guard-Tex being used out there in the real world. Some of them may surprise you!

Culinary- Chefs use Gauztex to protect their most valuable assets – their hands – from small cuts, abrasions, burns, and other hazards found in the kitchen.

Hunting- Archers and Hunters use it to maintain a consistent release grip and improve their accuracy.

Motorsports- Extreme Sport Athletes depend on Gauztex for increasing traction on handlebar grip through all terrains and weather conditions while eliminating blisters.

Nail Technicians- Making their patrons nails look great comes with a few tricks of the trade, Nail Technicians use Gauztex to protect their own fingers, cuticles and nails from file burns, cuts, and blisters – while maintaining the flexibility to work on their clients.

Musicians- String players and other musically talented individuals love Gauztex because it protects their fingers from blisters caused by repetitive hand and finger movements during practice.

Presidents- Even Dwight D. Eisenhower used it for extra grip when perfecting his presidential golf swing.

That’s a wrap… a wrap for you! Buy now!

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